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Get Pre-roll packaging Canada
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Custom Pre-Roll Boxes Wholesale:

Are you looking for low rates for bulk orders? Then you are at the right place. We are offering an extra discount wholesale. As the end season and Christmas is near, we consider it a gift. The wholesale helps you economically. But also saves your time and labor cost. The cheap rates do not mean we are offering cheap materials. You will always find lead sustainable and durable material from us wholesale. That is a promise from us. Still, if you face any problem, we will pay back your entire money without deduction.

Custom Pre-Roll Packaging Box Style:

You can choose any box style for pre-rolls packaging. Mainly people perfect sleeve and tray box style for pre-roll packaging. It is a covered tray and can be flexibly opened, just like the old match and safety pins box. You can also use a two-piece box style for the pre-rolls bundle packaging. You can also use simple cigarette boxes for that motive or purpose. If you have any animation or styling ideas, you can discuss them with our design expert team. They will make it happen with our intelligent techniques.

Durable Custom inserts For Pre-Roll Boxes:

The pre-rolls are rolled with small leaves and thin paper. It is so delicate and can mold easily due to pressure. Therefore, we use custom inserts to prevent any loss. We have three types of inserts.


  •        Custom kraft paper inserts
  • Custom paperboard inserts 
  • Custom foam inserts 


Custom Cardboard/Kraft Inserts.

Primarily we use custom cardboard and Kraft inserts for the paper pre-rolls packaging. We layered it according to the pre-rolls weight and fragility. The good thing is that you can print and design these inserts to create a mesmerizing opening experience for the buyers. If the pre-roll is of different flavors, you can write down the flavor name with or without the arrow mark. It helps the buyer to understand the flavor.

Custom Foam Inserts:

The leave-rolled pre-rolls are more delicate and can be cracked easily. You can keep it in both cardboard and foam insets. If you are more concerned, custom foam inserts suit you. The pre-rolls adjust and pull out quickly due to their flexible structure. Moreover, it is highly recommended to give an excellent and unbeatable impression.

Flexible Custom Butter Wraps:

We also offer custom butter wraps for extra protection. The custom butter wraps help keep pre-roll leaves and trim fresh. It also soaks extra moisture and prevents outer moisture too. Sometimes you have to open the custom pre-roll box for the customer.  Continuously opening can also affect the pre-rolls freshness. So, it can be obliged for that purpose. It also gives a more impressive feel to buyers who demand luxury packaging.

Detailed Description For Pre-Rolls Packaging:

As pre-rolls are used for health concerns, you must write detailed descriptions of the packaging. It helps them to choose the correct quantity to prevent any side effects. Some people try to copy famous brands for sale purposes. If you sell that product in your name and prove local or copied, your brand image can be ruined. To prevent such a misshape, you can print a QR code. The people can verify it by scanning. You can write the expiry date, so no one eats the expired item. The expired item can take life. You can give us full details, and we will print it out with the design. In that way, it looks elegant, and the buyers enjoy it while reading the description.

Vivid Prints And Add-Ons:

We have eye-popping PMS and CMYK color schemes to give fire to the pre-roll designs. These color schemes give dazzling and 3d effects to the pre-roll designs. You can create any shady mixture with the help of PMS color schemes. You can apply stamp foiling for shines and spark the brand logo. You can choose embossingdebossing, spot UV, and matte or gloss coating from our add-ons.

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