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HPL Sheets Manufacturer in India
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HPL Sheet – High Pressure Laminates : For a very long time, traditional wood – with its pristine looks has been used in various ways to suffice for our dwelling needs. Our buildings always used the beauty and usefulness of wood. However, in-spite of its advantages, wood had some serious shortcomings. First, it was not in abundant supply. Second, it had a life limited to a couple of years and its maintenance was not easy.

Also, it is here that ReynoArch brought forward AHPL, which is an Aluminum based High Pressure Laminate (HPL Sheets). It is more durable and elegant in looks as compared to wood. It is also highly weather resistant. AHPL has overcome the shortcomings of wood as it is manufactured using aluminium coil with double layered Lumiflon coating that is resistant to dust.

To top it all ReynoArch HPL sheets comes in a variety of colors, textures and sizes. ReynoArch also offers customized colors and sizes. All this at a very competitive price coupled with an unmatched quality. AHPL has redefined the concept of high-end facade and exterior. ReynoArch offers professional service as it has a robust marketing network in India and abroad. Whether it is Villas, housing societies, corporate buildings or resorts, AHPL is a perfect foil in place of wood.

Aluminium Composite Panel!

Reynobond ACP Sheet is a common abbreviation for Aluminium Composite Panel. It is made of ACM (aluminium composite material), which is made up of two finely coated aluminium sheets. It overcomes the shortcomings and disadvantages of the original material by being made up of two different materials: metals and non-metals (aluminium is a metal, and polyethylene plastic is a non-metal).

These Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP Sheets) are commonly used in a variety of environments, including outdoor occasions and outdoor ones, owing to their various advantages. In addition to being used as curtain wall panels and in the restoration of old buildings, cladding, partition, and house exterior walls are popular outdoor uses. Ceiling lighting, pollution reduction, purification, and advertising are examples of indoor times.

With years of experience in producing Quality ACP Sheet Aluminium Composite Panel, ReynoArch is the leading suppliers of best-in-class leading facade products and more. We aspire to offer outstanding support while also ensuring that our customers get the best value for their investment.

ReynoArch is aluminium composite panel made out of two aluminium skins, which are pre-coated and thermally bonded to each side of non-toxic polyethylene core.

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