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Methods, advantages, and disadvantages of Marichyasana
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Marichyasana is a special type of yoga pose, which brings flexibility to many major muscles of the body. With the help of this yoga posture, pain in many parts of the body including the back can be relieved. This is a moderate yoga asana and its yoga postures are complicated, due to which beginners can find it difficult. Along with this, it is necessary to have sufficient flexibility in the body for this yoga posture and if this is not done, then there may be damage to the muscles. Marichyasana is named after the sage Marichi and in English, it is known as “Sage Marichi Twist Pose”. Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh also offers a great opportunity to people who want to teach Yoga in the future.


Benefits of Sage Marichi Twist Pose:

If Marichyasana Yoga Mudra is done with the right technique and taking care of special things, then it can provide many health benefits –


1. Marichyasana is effective in relieving joint stiffness

Marichyasana brings the necessary stretch to almost all the joints of the body, which helps in relieving joint stiffness.


2. Marichyasana provides support to the spine

With Marichyasana, the muscles around the spine become strong and start providing support, due to which problems like back pain and hump can be relieved.


3. Increase digestion by practicing Marichyasana

Marichyasana causes adequate stretching of the abdominal muscles and stimulates the internal organs, due to which the digestion process becomes faster.


4. Marichyasana is useful for mental health

With the help of this special yoga posture, symptoms like stress, depression, and anxiety start to reduce, which improves mental health.


However, the health benefits derived from Marichyasana largely depend on the method of yoga asana and the health condition of the practitioner.


How to do Marichyasana:

If you are going to practice Marichyasana for the first time, following these steps may help you to form this yoga pose –


1 – First of all, spread a mat on flat ground and sit on it in a Dandasan posture.

2-Bend the knee of the right leg and bring the foot near the hip and keep it on the ground

During this, keep the left leg straight and slowly start bending forward.

Now take the right hand from the outside of the right leg, take it back, and take the left hand also behind the waist.

5 – While taking both hands behind the waist, start bending slowly and then hold the wrist of the left hand with one right hand.

Slowly moving forward, try to touch your chin with the left knee.


You can maintain this yoga pose for as long as you are able and if you have any questions, consult an experienced yoga instructor.


Precautions during Marichyasana:

Marichyasana practice is usually done only under the supervision of a yoga instructor and during this, it is necessary to take the following precautions –


  • Warm up well before starting yoga
  • do not force any action
  • Do this yoga exercise only on flat ground
  • Do not let the spinal cord or neck get stressed.


When not to do Marichyasana:

There are certain health conditions during which permission from a doctor must be taken before practicing Marichyasana –


  • The presence of severe pain or bruises anywhere on the body
  • blood pressure or heart disease
  • tiredness or weakness
  • menstruation or pregnancy

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