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Why does urine infection happen? Know the causes, symptoms
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Why does urine infection happen? Know the causes, symptoms, and home remedies: Urine infection often happens to people and it is a common problem, but it is also very important to be treated on time. Let us tell you that a urine infection is called UTI in medical language. It occurs in the bladder and one thing that is important to tell you is that women are more prone to urinary tract infections and one out of 10 men suffer from urinary tract infection at some point today, in this article, symptoms and home remedies for urinary tract infection We will tell you about which you can easily get rid of the problem like urine infection by trying it.

Why does urine (UTI) happen? know the reason

Urine infection is a disease caused by bacteria. Urine infection occurs inside the bladder.
Due to this you have to face serious problems while passing urine
Most people get relief from urine infection disease in a short time.
But this disease should not be ignored
Because if you do not get treatment on time due to a urine infection, then it directly affects your kidney.
Urine infection is a bacterial infection

What are the symptoms of urine infection?

Symptoms of urine infection are considered to be a little serious, in which your urine becomes thick, in many cases, blood comes out in the urine, apart from this, the color of your urine becomes yellow as well as it smells bad, many such mild and severe symptoms are seen. meet as

  • night sweats
  • getting too cold
  • feeling tired
  • back pain
  • Vomiting

What are the home remedies for urine infection?

Apple Vinegar: The use of apple vinegar is considered very effective in case of urinary infection.
Let us tell you the amount of calcium is present in it.
which destroys the bacteria of urine infection
Apart from this, apple cider vinegar acts as an antibiotic.
If you have a urine infection, then you should use apple cider vinegar.

Pineapple: Pineapple is considered very effective to fight diseases caused by infection.
Let us tell you that pineapple has anti-inflammatory properties which cure severe symptoms of urine infection.
Apart from this, infection found in urine also destroys bacteria.
Pineapple is considered very beneficial not only for urine infection but also for many diseases caused by infection.
Pineapple can be consumed at any time of the day and can get rid of problems like urine infection.

Lemon: Lemon is a panacea for urine infection and has antimicrobial properties.
Which eliminates bacteria and infection from the root
You should consume lemon juice in a glass of water about two to three times a day.
With this, you can easily get rid of the serious problem of urine infection in a few days.


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