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Effective Ways to Eliminate Mice from Your Home
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Mice usually enter your home in search of food. A warm place and a shelter are the other reasons behind the migration of mice into your home. However, they don’t come alone. They bring a lot of damage, disease, and infections with them. Chewing different materials and ruining them is their favorite activity. Your clothes, shoes, anything made of cardboard, and even electric wires can be chewed and destroyed by mice.


They love ruining your food as well. Therefore, you never want to see them in your home. However, the trouble is that they mostly come out at night. Eliminating them can be a problem for you. Hiring professionals for mice control in Surrey g can help you to get rid of these little buggers. 


However, apart from hiring mice control experts, you can try some DIY ideas as well to eliminate these creepy creatures from your home. Let’s move ahead and explore some effective ways to eliminate mice from your home.

Safe and Effective Ways to Get Rid of Mice 

We have brought you some ideas to eliminate mice that are totally safe. The following are the methods you can try to eliminate these infectious creatures from your home.

Get a Cat 

If no one is allergic to cats in your home, then you can simply get a cat to get rid of pests. Cats are natural predators of mice and love catching and eating mice. The best part is that they can also see in the dark. 


There are chances that mice leave your home after seeing their predator. It is one of the most effective ways to eliminate rats. In case someone in your home is allergic to cats, or you don’t like pets, then you must go with the alternate methods to remove rats from your home.

Using Essential Oils 

Essential oils with a strong smell can repel mice. The most effective essential oils against mice are clove and peppermint oil. They have a strong odor that keeps rats away from your home. However, you cannot spill oil anyway in your home. You must know how to use essential oil properly to keep mice away. 


The best way is to take cotton balls and soak them in the oil. Keep these balls in small trays so that oil doesn’t spill on everything. Then place these balls at the areas that are likely to be infested by rats. Drawers, dark corners, and entry points are the common places where you must keep these oil-soaked cotton balls.

Setting Traps 

Traps can do the most effective job to eliminate rats from your home. You can get a prepared mousetrap from the market and use it to catch mice. You can also go with some homemade traps as well. Mice come out in search of food. Therefore, you must trap them by providing the best possible treat for mice.


Trying cheese and buttered popcorn is the best way to trap mice. These food items attract them the most. Once you manage to capture mice, don’t release them anywhere close to your home. Choose a barren place at least one mile away from your home to release these creepy pests.

Use of Steel Wool 

Mice love to hide in tiny spaces where you cannot reach and they remain safe. Therefore, you need to get these spaces closed as soon as possible to eliminate mice from your home. Using steel wool is the best option to seal these tiny spaces. Steel wool is pretty strong and can easily cover tiny openings. Similarly, it’s hard and unpleasant to chew it. Therefore, mice stay away from entering a place sealed with steel wool.

For Severe Infestation 

If the infestation is severe and mice are not getting out of your home, then you must call experts. You can contact experts for pest control in Surrey, Vancouver, etc. These experts have specialized tools to reach narrow places and eliminate mice. Similarly, they know how to use different other products to eliminate them properly.

Opting for Mice Control Services – The Best Choice

Trying the aforementioned methods can help you get rid of mice. However, most of them are effective only when the infestation is not severe. In case these methods don’t work for you, call mice control experts at the earliest so you don’t have to deal with infections and property damage.

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