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The pros and cons of hybrid flooring Melbourne
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Multiple materials are combined and blended to form this new type of flooring
which is called hybrid flooring. Due to the many pros, this flooring type has
become quite popular in today’s day and age. Hybrid flooring Melbourne is
extremely popular in both commercial and office buildings. Even in residential
buildings, you will find a huge demand for new and innovative hybrid flooring.
But before you install them at your place, you need to take a hard look at their
pros and cons to know better.

The pros

Installation- everybody wants or prefers to have flooring that can be top in
quality as well as easy to install. Being pre-adhered, hybrid flooring is pretty
easy to install. This type of flooring does not require any nails or adhesive. They
can be quickly installed on the subfloor over the top of the underlayment in no
time. If you consider the long-term value, then this type of flooring is also very
easy to repair or replace. Thus, this makes the maintenance of such hybrid
flooring very easy and simple.

Cleaning- hybrid floorings are fully waterproof. Due to this quality, it is very
easy to clean them as well. Like any regular flooring, it requires mopping,
vacuuming or swiping to keep the dirt off the floor. Regular swiping and weekly
mopping with soapy water will make the hybrid floor clean to sustain a week.
As hybrid timber flooring is waterproof, you don’t need to worry at all, unlike
the case of regular timber flooring.

Cheap- if you wish to get pocket-friendly yet sustainable flooring then the
cheapest hybrid flooring Melbourne you can get from us. The use of high
carbon footprint material and the cost of labour are less in a hybrid flooring.
Therefore, their prices are also very affordable to anyone. Even in case of
repair, you can simply replace the damaged price in no time.

Durable- having a balanced combination of both vinyl and lamination, hybrid
flooring is much more durable in the long run. The amount of foot traffic it can
sustain is truly commendable. Also, the presence of vinyl gives a certain
luxurious look.

The cons

Sub-floor- if the sub-floor is not at a perfect measurement, then a hybrid
flooring is hard to install.

Fading- though most of the brands claim otherwise, hybrid flooring can indeed
fade with time if exposed to the sunlight for a long duration. Even rubber can
also damage the look of a hybrid flooring. Choice of furniture and use of
curtains or blinds should be given utmost importance when you opt for hybrid

Not a real deal- it is very important that you buy your hybrid flooring from a
reputed company like ours. Otherwise, the feel and look of real timber will be
missing the moment you step on a hybrid flooring.

All these pros and cons should be considered before you decide to change your
flooring for good. Change of flooring is not a regular phenomenon, so, one
should be aware of all the advantages as well as disadvantages of the type of
flooring they wish to install. Call us to know more, if you are considering
installing hybrid flooring Melbourne.

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